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About Us

A strong foundation begins with the builders!

Jim and Minnie Guttridge, born in Oregon, owned a 10,000+ acre cattle ranch at the base of the Strawberry Mountain range before arriving in California after World War II. They brought 100 head of their prized Aberdeen Angus herd, and found the perfect ranch in Elk Grove to establish their new roots. After producing and showing a prize winning herd, Jim decided to diversify his interests and sell ranch real estate as a way of feeding his family. He painted his barn red, and advertised “JR Guttridge Ranch Real Estate” on the roof facing the new freeway. He sold ranch acreage up and down the valley. A couple years later his youngest son Michael came home from college, and they started Emerald Park Company, building large affordable quality homes in Elk Grove. Minnie Guttridge decorated the first models and designed the floor plans. They were an instant success. Jim’s business model is stll followed today: keep an eye on quality, be fair on your pricing and let the buyer personalize their home.

After their father’s death in 1998, the four Guttridge children: Jim Jr., Janet, Mike and Sally reorganized the family business into the 4G’s. We continue the family tradition of controlling all aspects of residential construction from the bare dirt to handing the keys to the newhomeowners. We want to build you your dream home for less than you ever imagined!

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